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The Gospel of us, facebook page (click on image)

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Luna, facebook page (click on image)

blue tree image
The blue Tree, exhibition
8 SEPTEMBER 2012 - 7 OCTOBER 2012(click on image)


Fantagraphics To Publish Dave McKean’s Celluloid In June (Follow link for sneak preview)

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(I have just received the press release for a new Dave Mckean Photography Exhibition coming in November....)

spain expo image

spain expo logo

The English artist's first photography show in Spain will open on 13 November 2009.

The English cult comic artist and illustrator Dave McKean is readying an exhibition of his most recent photographic work for the art gallery Estudio Artizar in the city of La Laguna, Tenerife. The show is part of the tenth edition of the photography festival Fotonoviembre, and it will feature both his new creations and a broad selection of his most well-known photographs. Faces, mysterious in their attitudes and their expressions, will enjoy pride of place. Estudio ARTIZAR ( HYPERLINK "http://www.artizar.es/"www.artizar.es) will thus be the first Spanish gallery to organise a show for the British artist.

Even though he has mastered digital technology, McKean's initial work as a photographer relied mainly on traditional techniques. His first works consisted of collages and sculptures, which he would photograph and then continue to elaborate. The arrival of new design programs greatly expanded his creative freedom, enabling him to work without using a sculpture or collage. He achieved international renown with a series of covers for The Sandman, an epic comic book series by Neil Gaiman. The two are close friends and continue to work together on a regular basis.

He has since seen his debut as a film director with The MirrorMask (2005), in addition to the shorts N[eon], The week before, Shakespeare's Sonnet, Reason and Me and my Big Idea, apart from working on the artistic staff of sagas like Harry Potter and several films by Tim Burton.

He is, in short, one of the most complete artists in the world of design, illustration and photography, and this is a unique opportunity to see his work in person.

The show will open on Friday, 13 November in the art gallery Estudio ARTIZAR (C/San Agustín 63, La Laguna, Tenerife) and it is sponsored by Canarias Cultura en Red.   

click link below for gallery website


Royal Mail Stamps

royal mail mint stamps. presentation pack 2009

Royal Mail Stamps out now!!
Royal Mail Mint Stamps Presentation Pack
Royal Mail First Day Cover Pack
Royal Mail Stamp Cards
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dave rye ex 2009
Rye Art Gallery
Narrative Arcs
Dave McKean and Brigitte Evill
12 September - 11 October
For the past 20 years, the town and surrounding landscape of Rye has crept into the backgrounds of Dave McKean's photographs, films, stories, drawings and paintings. For this show, the atmosphere of Rye is brought to the front of his extraordinary work.
Brigitte Evill expresses in her sculpture that sense of extended moment, suspensions in time, things poised in the seeming contradiction of expressing fleeting moments in hard resistant bronze or steel.

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century guild ex 2009
Century Guild (Chicago)
Are hosting an exhibition of Dave McKean’s Nitrate paintings July 17th and 18th at the Portage Theater in Chicago. Six of these masterpieces will be on display, along with a collection of rare silent cinema posters.

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Dave Mckean on twitter
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brussels ex 2009
Petits Papier Gallery (Brussels)
At the very end of May.
Dave will twitter signing and opening dates.

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insects bradbury
The Shop of the Mechanical Insects
By Ray Bradbury
The Shop of the Mechanical Insects will be printed in full-color, including the cover and interior illustrations.
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Book Cover
decay cover
Decay Inevitable
By Conrad A Williams
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mckean paris ex 2009
bdartiste Gallery. (Paris)
Ongoing exhibtion. All works for sale. large selection of Cages pages.
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